Queekay 7 Pieces Coffee Rustic Sign Coffee Wall Art Wooden Coffee Sign Wall Decor with Coffee Beans and Coffee Cups Sign for Coffee Bar Home Office Kitchen



10X magnifying mirror, it is suitable for such as drawing eyeliner, repairing eyebrows and applying mascara, etc. This suction cup mirror has two powerful suction cups, which can be attached to a smooth mirror and wall without slipping. Free your hands and give yourself flawless makeup. Our 10x travel mirror is only 3.5 inches palm size, 0.4 inches thickness, and perfect size; It can be used indoors or easily placed in your bag for outdoor use. This compact mirror comes with special tweezers. Men can use it to pluck out unwanted mustache hair, while women can use it to get rid of pesky eyebrow hair. Overall, it can efficiently complete any work. Helpful Tip: Due to the nature of the magnifying mirror, the distance between you and the mirror must be within 3 inches of the mirror; otherwise, the image will appear distorted, blurred, reversed, and so on. If you don't know what to choose for Christmas, birthday or other special holiday time. Our magnifying makeup mirror is a perfect choice.


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