Megyn Kelly Calls Out Charlize Theron, Clashes With Her Over Drag Queens Comments

Megyn Kelly Calls Out Charlize Theron, Clashes With Her Over Drag Queens Comments
Charlize Theron
May 2023

Megyn Kelly is calling out Charlize Theron.

Just recently, the Fast X actress strongly criticized those who disapprove of drag queens and their involvement with children during a pro-drag queen telethon over the past weekend.

In response to them in a video, Charlize said that she would "f*** anybody up who is, like, trying to f*** with anything with" drag queens.

Her comments were directed towards conservative lawmakers who are trying to pass laws to prevent sexual drag queen performances from being accessible to children. She argued that there are many things that are more harmful to children than drag queens and added that the drag queen community spreads happiness and love.

Just following that, Megyn called her out on her show.

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"Why doesn't Charlize Theron come and f*** me up, because I'm 100% against her on this," Megyn claimed on the show.

She went on, saying, "Yes, there's fun drag queen shows. I've been to them. When I lived in Chicago, we went to one that was super fun. It was all adults. But there are drag queen shows out there right now that are deeply disturbing, and they're happening in front of young children."

Megyn went on, further clashing with Charlize about her comments that she made.

She said that Charlize needs to "know what you're supporting, understand what we're actually seeing out there which can include absolutely the grooming of young children. Even she should be against that, trans kid or not."

Watch Megyn's full response below: