It’s National Chip Dip Day! If You Had These Chips and Bowls, You Could Be Celebrating Already

It’s National Chip  Dip Day! If You Had These Chips and Bowls, You Could Be Celebrating Already
Mar 2023

To honor the most delicious of holidays from home, here are a few potato chips, serving bowls, and dip holders to get you in a celebratory mood.

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Holidays. There are so many kinds of them! National, federal, religious, personal, and ones that are potentially made up but we're all about them just the same. March 23 falls under a couple of those categories. Why? Because it's National Chip & Dip Day.

What's National Chip Day? Who started it? How long has it been around? Well, does any of that matter? I don't think so. All we need to know is that at some point, someone declared March 23 a holiday to honor all things crispy, crunchy, tangy, and salty. So we need to celebrate!

To make that as easy as possible, I've put together a list of potato chips (flavored and unflavored) that I, personally, got hungrier just from looking that. Of course, you can't only go hand to bag (we're adults, after all!), which calls for a variety of big bowls, little bowls, and dip-specific vessels, too.

Scroll on and get to snacking. Also, don't worry: There's a set of cute napkins in here too.

Symphony Chips Balsamic Flavor

Throwing a big party? Have gourmet taste? Whatever your reason for buying in bulk, the new balsamic-flavored Symphony Chips "combine crisp, thin potato slices with [a]melodic arrangement of gourmet seasonings," adding a unique, high-end flavor to each bite.

Threshold x Studio McGee Footed Bowl

This rustic-yet-versatile bowl works as a standalone piece of art, but it's much better to fill it with chips for TV time.

Our Place Side Bowls

Petite and perfectly stackable, these small bowls are great for chips and dips alike. (FYI, I have bigger bowls from Our Place, and love them. They're so smooth and sturdy, and look great with everything.)

Joanna Buchanan Stripey Bee Cocktail Napkins

Even if you're just having a marathon snack sesh, you can always add a little elegance to it. These hand-embroidered linen napkins from Joanna Buchanan do exactly that. Also, they're great for entertaining guests! Especially on national holidays that require wiping off your hands.

Symphony Chips Original Flavor

Gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and all natural, these original flavor Symphony Chips are a great choice for those with pickier palates.

Vagabond House Artichoke Dip Bowls

Sophisticated with a funky twist, Vagabond House's bowls feature "baby globe artichokes and feathery leaves" that are "intricately hand-crafted in pure pewter" to serve as the frame and feet. The bowls themselves are a heavy, clear glass. In other words: Just the thing for showing off your artichoke dip expertise.

Symphony Chips Smoked Flavor

Symphony Chips' unique "smoked" flavor puts a delicious twist on the typical chip. Just imagine the dipping possibilities.

Hearth & Hand x Magnolia Stoneware Serve Bowl

A classic bowl from a line you can trust -- Hearth and Hand designed in collaboration with Magnolia -- is always the answer. Fill it with your choice (or choices) of chips, settle on the couch, and celebrate this holiday in style.

Symphony Chips Mixed Flavors

This party-ready package includes an equal number of Balsamic, Original, and Smoked Symphony Chips. It may last you until the next National Chip & Dip day, but if it doesn't? Well, that's okay too.

While you're here, potato chips and bowls would make wonderful birthday gifts for Aries season. After all, they do love to snack.