Exciting and Innovative Ways To Celebrate Earth Day

Exciting and Innovative Ways To Celebrate Earth Day
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Apr 2014

Every year on April 22nd over a billion people all over the world celebrate earth day. Earth Day's mission is about battling the environmental issues wreaking havoc on our planet and utilizing environmentally sustainable practices. Though every day is Earth Day at Blue Osa Eco-Resort, we are encouraging you to celebrate on April 22nd. If you aren't sure how you can celebrate or contribute you have come to the right place, we have lots of ideas for you!
1. Volunteer for an Earth Day Event in Your Area!
Not sure who is having an event or how to sign up? Most countries have a website that provides all the events in your area!
2. Ride Your Bike Instead of Driving
Ride your bike to the run errands, to the grocery store, or to work. Don't have a bike? Google Greenbike or Bike Share programs in your area. Don't have a bike share program try carpooling for a day!
3. Go a Day Without Throwing Anything Away
Use a reusable water bottle instead of buying the plastic throwaway ones. This saves you money and the planet. Compost all your food garbage, recycle all your papers and plastics, or just don't buy any for one day.
4. Help Spread Awareness
It's so easy, you're on your Facebook or Twitter every day, why not post something with substance and spread the word on the importance of Earth Day? Don't know what to post? Feel free to share this blog post to help give your friends ideas to celebrate with you! And hashtag #EarthDay at #Blueosa
5. Buy Local or Organic Food
Not only is this helping a neighbor out when you buy local and supporting the economy around you, you are helping the rest of the planet out as well. When you buy local organic food you are helping minimize shipping and pesticides and preservatives. All things that have severely negative impacts on the environment.
6. Read a Green-Book or Watch a Green Movie
A lot of read a book or watch a movie after dinner. Today try The Lorax!
7. Host an Eco-Swap or Craft Day
It's the perfect time for Spring Cleaning. Get all your friends involved and instead of throwing stuff away that you don't use, let it get re-used and trade stuff with friends. Might be fun to take a few pictures of some fun stuff you find together. Or Re-use that old stuff by creating it into something new. This is great for those who love crafts or have kids who love crafts.
8. Make One Small Change
Turn all the lights off in your house when you aren't using them or aren't home, shorten your shower by 5 minutes, turn the sink off when you brush your teeth, or switch to compact fluorescent bulbs that are more eco-friendly (they use roughly 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs). If everyone made one small change it could have a huge impact!
9. Help Out the Environment and the Community
You don't have to host an event to do this, though you definitely can. This is easy, simply plant a tree, help plant a garden, or go pick up trash in your area. This can be as simple as seeing trash on the ground and just putting it in the recycling. Just stay aware and conscious today.
10. Calculate Your Carbon Footprint
Just create an awareness of your impact on the planet here. Also, as a way to reduce your carbon footprint you can always come to Blue Osa and celebrate with a day of volunteering with us! Stay tuned on our Facebook page for all the fun stuff we will be doing to celebrate Earth Day! And feel free to Facebook or e-mail us here for any questions or to make your reservation today!
Celebrate Earth Day At The Blue Osa Eco Resort!