Coriander Seeds: Ayurvedic Benefits and Uses

Coriander Seeds: Ayurvedic Benefits and Uses
Jan 2023

Coriander seeds are used commonly in Indian and Mexican cooking. They can be used whole, but are normally used ground. Coriander is a tridoshic spice highly appreciated in Ayurveda.
Ayurvedic benefits of coriander seeds
Ayurvedic texts suggest that coriander seeds are good for digestion, whets the appetite, supports a healthy response to allergens and also helps purify the blood.
Ayurvedic uses of coriander seeds
Coriander seeds are a cooling spice and contribute to the sweet and astringent tastes.
They can be combined with other Ayurvedic herbs such as ground turmeric, cumin, paprika, cayenne and fennel. They have a sharp aroma, and smell and taste best freshly ground in a coffee or spice mill.
Ground coriander seeds can be added to dahls and vegetables as they are cooking. They can also be sauteed in ghee and added to cooked vegetables or lentils.

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