Cardi B shares sneak peek at her daughter Kulture’s school lunch

Cardi B shares sneak peek at her daughter Kulture’s school lunch
May 2023

Some celebrities need aid from chefs, but not Cardi B, who, in true hands-on mom fashion, shared a sneak peek at her daughter Kulture's school lunch. The Dominican-descent rapper and actress showed the meal prep, which included multiple mouthwatering courses.
The 30-year-old star creation featured homemade dishes such as chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, corn on the cob, chopped fruit, yogurt, M&Ms, flavored milk, and chips. "Kulture school lunch be everything," Cardi tweeted.

Kulture school lunch be everything ? pic.twitter.com/9TIMwIDwIB
Fans of the "I Like It" interpreter praised the lunch box, "You can adopt me if you want. I'm kinda old, but I'm funny, sometimes," one person wrote, while another said, "Omg, I want this."
"If this is school lunch, what does her breakfast and supper look like?" another fan quipped, to which Cardi replied by showing other meals. "Lol .....like this," she tweeted alongside a bowl of pancakes with chopped fruit.

Lol .....like this https://t.co/AMOWkmnRqTpic.twitter.com/rzPLZ4M7j1
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We are glad that Cardi is still cooking delicious meals despite the high grocery prices. In January, the beloved rapper took to social media to share how expensive it is to go to the supermarket. "Naaaaaa grocery shopping prices are ridiculous right now," Cardi tweeted. "You might as well eat outside!!"
The mom of two then shared how outraged she is that ingredients to make a simple salad can cost up to six bucks. "B*tch why lettuce cost 6 dollars where I live at?"
After some of her followers questioned why she cared about prices if she could afford it, the rapper shared a video explaining that even the rich need to think about their fortune.
"Let me tell you somethin': When I be complaining about food prices, and y'all motherf*ckers be like, 'Ain't you rich? Why you complaining about this?' that just goes to show me when you become successful when you have money, you gonna go broke soon because y'all, not budgeting," Cardi said.