Ana Obregón returns to Spain with her granddaughter

Ana Obregón returns to Spain with her granddaughter
May 2023

Ana Obregon is back in Spain with her granddaughter, Ana Sandra. The little girl was born via surrogacy, with Obregon's late son, Aless Lequio, being her father. Obregon herself is the child's legal mother.
Despite all of the controversy that the news have arised, Obregon seems happy and ready to take on this new chapter in her life, with photographers capturing her return to Spain.
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Obregon, 68, arrived in Madrid on May 31st. Photographers captured her arrival at the airport, holding on to her baby girl. She looked ready for spring in a white dress with blue flowers. She tied the look together with some white sneakers and dark sunglasses.
Obregon was accompanied by two men who likely made up her security detail, and who helped her carry all of her luggage. She got inside a black car in order to make her way home.
Obregon's last Instagram post shows her happy with her grandchild, who naps peacefully atop of her belly. "This would be the selfie of my life if my son were here," she wrote, referencing her late son Aless Lequio.
"Moments alongside the two loves of my life," she wrote. She had some words for the people who critiziced her decision to raise Ana Sandra, calling them "close minded" and "toxic." "Their knife-throwing words tickle me after having to bury my only son," she wrote.
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Obregon concluded the post by thanking the people who've supported her and who've sent her and Ana Sandra their love, claiming that they're more than those who've sent her hate. "Thank you," she wrote.