5 Ways To Include Your Mom In Wedding Planning

5 Ways To Include Your Mom In Wedding Planning

5 Ways To Include Your Mom In Wedding Planning
Your mom is surely just as excited as you are about your big day. Plans have been made to involve her in your dress shopping and other details that need mom's special touch. Keep in mind that not every mother of the bride will be ready to dive into every appointment. Your mom may have a few requests and suggestions that she'd like to see you carry through but your happiness means most to her. Here are a few ways to involve your mom in wedding planning details.
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1. Slideshow
Some moms have been taking pictures of their little girls since they were first born. She would have all of the pictures needed to make the best slideshow imaginable. Give this task to your mom and watch her face light up. It's also something the two of you can do together and create even more special moments leading up to the special day. Choose pictures that will excite guests and express the personality of the bride.

2. Wine Tasting
If mom is a wine expert or perhaps enjoys to sip on an occasional glass to relax, invite her to the wine tasting. Take her opinions and incorporate them with your own to create a great wine selection for the wedding day. Make a toast with mom as she's advised you on the wine of choice for that day. Make the moment even more special by allowing mom to choose a wine to toast the new couple after the ceremony.

3. Band Review
Bands may have been your mom's favorite thing back in the day and she may, in fact, have a few that she'd like you to review. If she's a music person, listen to her ideas and perhaps let her help you choose the right one for the wedding. Music is an important part of your big day and choosing the right band is crucial.

4. Stationery Designs
Does your mom have a creative touch for all things pretty? She may be tech-savvy and always ready to create the perfect print design. You need her at your side when designing wedding invitations, menus, and programs. She may even have a cool monogram idea to help bring more enchanted elegance to your day. The stationery designs will be that much more special because mom played a part.

5. Organizer Bee
It's highly likely that being a mother has forced the habit of the organization into your mom's life. This will come in handy during your wedding planning because there will be a great deal of organization required in order to pull things off. Giving mom the task of organizing allows her to put on her "in charge" hat and make sure things are just as they should be for her daughter's special day.