200 | Unraveling Karma

200 | Unraveling Karma

After 4 years of The Simple Ayurveda Podcast and over 800K downloads, welcome to Episode 200!! Thank you for listening. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for leaving reviews and supporting the podcast, and for helping to share all this juicy goodness that makes our lives so much better in many different ways. From the bottom of my heart, thank you! -- Angela
Join Angela in this solo episode: Unraveling Karma. In this episode, Angela clears

up some common misunderstanding around the term Karma which is tossed around in modern day life. She shares how she's been able to find peace in understanding Karma in different layers, through her own soul contracts, what she's here in this lifetime to do, and why these challenges are here. This can be a heavy topic, so Angela encourages you to consider what you yourself feel brave to unravel within your own life.
In this episode, learn more about:
o Karma through the Western lens and the judgement it brings
o Karma and cause & effect
o The big, tangle mess of the knots of Karma
o Angela's personal journey of finding peace with the Karma of this lifetime
o The inner work and exploring the subconscious that is the work of unraveling the knots of Karma

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