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I am Gabrielle Arduini, a vegan, Italian hippie, majoring in photography at Savannah College of Art and Design. I am currently in my junior year and will be graduating next June. My life has been constantly surrounded by the military. I grew up in a lot of places. I lived in Italy for my freshman year of college but soon realized that SCAD was where I needed to be. Taking the plunge, I moved to Atlanta in 2015 to pursue my passion in art. I have always had a heart for traveling and capturing moments that are both cinematic and conceptual. I hope that I will be able to fuse both passions and enhance the commercial and editorial world. I have always believed in the power and strength of women, especially in the art world. girltank is not just a chapter, but an outreach to make the impossible, possible. This chapter holds our history, and what it means to be a community. Now more than ever, community is key. Atlanta needs this to grow.