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Start a girltank Chapter in Your City or School Today!


At the heart of the girltank movement are dedicated, passionate and wildly talented individuals that build vibrant ecosystems to support female social entrepreneurs through their leadership, time and talent.


girltank chapters provide thought leadership and direction to girltank activities and programs that best reflect the local dynamics, needs and priorities of girltank community members in a given city. Chapters are formed across the world and provide safe and intimate spaces for members to get honest and tell the truth about their struggles and triumphs, receive meaningful support from like-minded peers and make deep connections to community resources that can really help their ideas soar.


Want to bring the girltank movement to your city, school or university? Apply to be a steering committee member today! And all prospective student members, visit girltank U for more information.



I applied to launch a girltank chapter. What’s next?

Thank you! You’re awesome. Once you submit your application, we’ll send you a couple more questions to make sure we find the perfect fit for you and that we can connect you with others in your city.

What is a girltank steering committee?

The Steering Committee is an invaluable thought leadership resource to each girltank chapter. Steering Committees–typically comprised of 3 – 5 members–build a diverse body of leaders that animate the girltank mission through their own stories, expertise, networks, and passion. The girltank movement is comprised of women and girls from around the world–each with a very unique trajectory in this world. Steering Committees are essential to building an environment where the voices of women and girl changemakers not only thrive, but are boldly visible and supported by a strong community of resources to ensure their sustainability and success.

Are steering committee members volunteers?

Yes. They are total rock stars too.

What does a steering committee do?

girltank steering committees shape the annual activities and programs featured in their city and mobilize the necessary human and financial resources to accomplish the chapter’s defined annual activities and programs. The results? Nothing short of a world-class, community-led movement dedicated to women and girls who are leading social change and social innovation. Sounds awesome, right?

Why a steering committee?

Because the girltank community is just as cool as it is diverse. A formal committee provides a space for girltank chapter leadership to build a community, make new friends, and learn from one another. Also, we know that steering committees offer the structure and clearly defined roles and responsibilities that make for consistent, productive events and meetups for the girltank network.

Why participate in a steering committee?

As an integral part of the girltank movement, committee members have a unique position in the organization to:

  • Represent girltank and maintain a forum for thought leadership at conferences, sector events (e.g. SXSW, TEDEx), and within local ecosystems
  • Access girltank’s local and global network of thought leaders and female social entrepreneurs
  • Develop and hone existing executive leadership and communication skills, networks, and thought leadership skills
  • Deepen expertise and knowledge within the social sector; female social entrepreneur landscape; social change/innovation fields
  • Lead local initiatives that impact community members, advance ventures of pioneering female social entrepreneurs, and shape the socialentrepreneurial ecosystem of your city