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We are Bold.  We are Dreamers.  We are Innovators.  We are a movement of female change agents and thought leaders that dare to change the world.

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girltank is an ode to all the women and girls around the world – seen and unseen – that are taking risks, making hard, sometimes impossible decisions and courageously thinking big about how we can collectively make the world a better place for everyone to live and to thrive. We are a collaborative and global community of female social innovators. We accelerate the bold ideas and ambitions of our members by providing them with access to resources, strategic partnerships, funding and visibility. Our vision is a world where female thought leaders and founders of social innovation ventures are leading and provoking change in every region of the world.


grow your dream ‘In the Tank’

There is no secret sauce. No magic trick. You bring your dream, your drive and your commitment, and we help you tap into the creative genius and expertise of our global community. We share your amazing stories with the world. And we give you a safe space to be vulnerable, transparent and honest about the challenges – and triumphs – of building a successful social venture.

Test Your Ideas and Build Solutions with Like-Minded Peers and Experts in Our Design-Thinking Workshops

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Connect to Local Founders, Thought Leaders & Student Changemakers


We sniff out resources and build partnerships with organizations that can help you get the funding you need to grow and scale your enterprise. And sometimes, we even offer funding ourselves.

Our Fave 34 Funders

Not every passionate founder has the business skill and know-how to build an enterprise from scratch. We understand the challenge and have built an ecosystem of support to help you.

Our Top 30 Accelerators

You’re not alone. Okay, we will repeat that – you are not alone in your desire to do meaningful work that changes the world. We help you connect to global communities of like-minded peers.

Our Best Women-Led Communities